FutMon Final Workshop

Elena PaolettiForest Monitoring and ScienceElena Paoletti
 Klaus v. WilpertPotential of forest monitoring data for policy consulting and practice supportKlaus v. Wilpert
 Session 1 --  Forest monitoring complying with political information needs 
 Martin LorenzForest monitoring meeting new challenges Martin Lorenz
 Davide TravagliniLarge-scale monitoring with added value  Davide Travaglini
 Annemarie Bastrup-BirkHarmonisation of national forest inventories Annemarie Bastrup-Birk
 Marco Ferretti Improvement of data qualityMarco Ferretti
 Niels KoenigImprovements of data quality assurance in the FutMon laboratories Nils König
 Panagiotis MichopoulosResponse of forests to climate change and the importance of intensive forest monitoringPanagiotis Michopoulos
 Session 2 -- Results and their political relevance  
 Johannes EichhornForest health in Europe Johannes Eichhorn
 Pasi Rautio Exceedance of critical limits of nitrogePasi Rautio
 Hans‑Peter DietrichWater availability - a new aspect in European forest ecosystem monitoringHans‑Peter Dietrich
 Peter Waldner Vegetation response to critical limits exceedance Peter Waldner
 Paolo Giordani Epiphytic lichen response to air pollution and other stress  Paolo Giordani
 Matthias Dobbertin Forest growth in relation to deposition and climateMatthias Dobbertin
 Session 3 -- Models and resiults for political decision making  
 Bruno De VosForest soil conditionBruno De Vos
 Hubert JocheimCarbon budgets Hubert Jocheim
 Konstantin Olschofsky Climate change scenarios Konstantin Olschofsky
 Hans‑Dieter NagelImpact of deposition and climate change on forest soils and floristic biodiversity Hans‑Dieter Nagel

 Session 4 -- Political implications

Panel discussion political implications

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