FutMon Field Protocols

According to the agreements from the FutMon kick off meeting in January 2009 in Hamburg so called Field Protocols were prepared. Field protocols are meant to specify the tasks to be performed under the Partnership Agreements between the Coordinating and the Associated Beneficiaries. They do not override the commitments specified in the Partnership Agreements.

Those Field Protocols which are still under preparation can be downloaded from the internal section of this webpage as well as a draft version of a word document compiling all forms and explanatory items (amendment index!) relevant under FutMon.

Final versions of the Field Protocols are listed below. The name of the Field protocols consists of the name of the survey, Version number, and Date of latest update (following convention in Explanatory Item (3)).

Field Protocols (latest update: 27th May 2009):


field prot growth V1_1 270509.pdf







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